Second Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C, 20th January 2019

‘Your words are Spirit, Lord, and they are life.’

We begin the Sundays of Ordinary Time in Year C with readings that remind us of God’s eternal relationship of love for his people.  The imagery of a wedding as a symbol of that everlasting bond is used in both the First Reading and the Gospel.

The Prophet Isaiah paints a poetic picture of how the Jewish people in exile will be delivered from their suffering. God delights in his people and the intimacy of that love is compared to the way that a bridegroom rejoices in his bride. (First Reading)

This relationship of rejoicing is mirrored in the way that the Psalmist describes his love for God.

In the Second Reading, the Church in Corinth hears how God’s Spirit of love is at work in each of them, in very different ways. There are many gifts and talents in the community, but they are united in this one Spirit. Paul would later teach the Corinthians that Christ is married to the Church.

This first Gospel reading of Ordinary Time is from the Gospel of John. The wedding at Cana sets the scene for the beginning of Jesus’s ministry in the world.  This passage is full of symbolic meaning. Although the scene is a wedding, the imagery is not of Jesus as bridegroom, but as a guest who brings new wine to the wedding feast.  He will fulfil the promises of the old prophets. Later he will become the bridegroom who rejoices in his bride, the Church.

Let us pray that we will be drawn into a deeper relationship with the God who rejoices in each one of us.