Seventh Sunday of Easter, Year B, 13th May 2018

God Is Love

As the joyous season of Easter comes to a close, this Sunday’s Scripture brings our focus onto Christ’s loving relationship with us.

We see how the very early Church decided that the person who was to replace Judas needed to be someone who had known Jesus personally from the very start of his ministry, and had witnessed his suffering, death and resurrection. (First Reading)

We can pray with great joy the Psalm of thanks for all the blessings of God’s love – a love that is calling all of us into a deeper personal relationship.

John’s letter (Second Reading) is like a summary of the Good News and the mystery of the Resurrection. We are encouraged to love one another. It is through our loving relationships that we will come to know God more fully. God is love, and God shares the Spirit of love with us when we die to self and give ourselves fully to love.

In John’s Gospel we hear Jesus praying to the Father for his followers. Jesus wants us to share fully in his joy. It is in this spirit of Easter joy that we are sent out into the world to draw all people into that relationship of love of which each and every one is invited to be a part.

Let us pray for the grace to be able to live out the joy of the Gospel of love in every part of our life!




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