5th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B, 4th February 2018

‘Lord, everybody is looking for you!’

This Sunday we see all manner of people seeking out Jesus, both for his healing touch and for his message of Good News. He is constantly in demand, and constantly responds with love to those in need.

Job (First Reading) knows great suffering, and is bewildered by his situation: he grieves and frets. But even in his distress and confusion he cries out to God in prayer, trusting that he is still there.

The Psalm has a message of great comfort. God loves us, healing the broken-hearted, binding up our wounds and raising the lowly.

St Paul (Second Reading) talks of the generosity and humility needed to share the Good News; indeed, he tries to be ‘all things to all people’. We, too, can better reach out to others by accepting our own weakness, and so stand more easily with those who are weak.

The Gospel shows us the depth and breadth of Jesus’s ministry, as he preaches throughout Galilee and heals all kinds of human suffering until late into the evening. He is constantly sought out by others, even when he rises very early to be alone in prayer with the Father. But he never loses sight of his mission to move onwards to the next place, spreading the Good News to all.

This week I might pray for renewed commitment – not only in my own search for Jesus – but also in helping others find him too, especially those who are hurting.



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