The Baptism of Our Lord, Year B, 7th January 2018

‘Come, all you who are thirsty!’

The readings for this coming Sunday invite us to freedom: to open wide our minds and hearts to receive the God who chooses to reveal God’s own self to us; and who may surprise us in doing so!

God invites me to fulfil my thirst for all that is good.  I am called to receive the gift of life itself, freely given in Baptism, and asked to assume an attitude of trust and ‘not knowing’ before the God who says ‘my thoughts are not your thoughts, my ways are not your ways’ (First Reading).

The result is joy and gladness, as I begin to realise just how deeply I can trust the God who is ‘my strength, my song’, who ‘became my saviour’ (Psalm); the ‘God who is rich in forgiving’ (First Reading).

Having received the gift of being loved as a child of God, I am asked to love God and all God’s children in return.  I know that, through faith in Jesus Christ, I will be given the Holy Spirit’s help to overcome whatever difficulties I may experience (Second Reading).

John the Baptist speaks of Jesus with great reverence as ‘one who is more powerful than I am’, who will ‘baptise you with the Holy Spirit’.  Jesus receives John’s baptism, as Father, Son and Holy Spirit unite to reveal the truth of God made man for us (Gospel).

I pray that I may grow ever more deeply in trust and love of our God, who says to me too, ‘You are my Beloved’.