Fifth Sunday of Easter, Year A, 14th May 2017

“Trust in God still, and trust in me”

As this grace-filled season of Eastertide continues, we are invited to place our whole trust in the risen Lord. Even when we are troubled or anxious, Jesus, ’the Way, the Truth and the Life’, is there to comfort and encourage us, showing us the way to live our lives as Easter people.

In the First Reading, animosity between two factions within the Early Church leads to neglect of those in need. The Apostles resolve this by appointing seven wise, Spirit-filled people to a ministry of service.

The Psalm conveys the utmost trust in God, whose words are always reliable, and whose kindness is granted to all who hope in him.

The Second Reading reassures us that we are part of a spiritual house, built with living stones. We are urged to ‘rest our trust’ in Christ and set ourselves close to him, the one chosen by God as the precious cornerstone. God has chosen us, too, to be his holy people, and called us into the light to proclaim his praise.

In the Gospel, the disciples are worried and confused as Jesus speaks of leaving them. But he encourages them to trust completely as he reassures them that he will continue to show them the Way. If they know him, they will know the Father too, who lives and works in him.

This week I might pray for even greater trust in the Lord who has such special love and care for me, and to walk his Way more closely.