Second Sunday of Easter, Year A, 23 April 2017

“Peace be with you”

The Risen Christ brings new life to all. Resurrection is not just an historical event, but an ongoing ever-present reality. United with the Cosmic Christ, we are called to an ever deeper understanding of the wonder of resurrection in our lives.

In today’s Gospel story, Thomas is not present when the Risen Jesus first comes to the disciples in the upper room. Eight days later, Jesus reveals the reality of his resurrection to Thomas in a personal way. Thomas recognises the truth and exclaims “My Lord and my God!” Jesus breathes his spirit on the disciples and sends them out into the world to spread his message of love, forgiveness and peace.

In the First Reading from Acts, the early Christian Church is filled with the same Spirit to transform the lives of others. They share their belongings, live in community and break bread together. Praying and praising God, they would be familiar with today’s Psalm – a song of gratitude, joy and celebration of the Lord’s unending love.

In the Second Reading we are assured that faith in the Risen Christ will guard us through difficulties and will be a source of joy now that we have been made children of God.
This week, let us pray for willing hearts that are open to receive the transforming deep peace that only Christ can give us.