25th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C, 18th September 2016

You cannot be the slave both of God and of money

This week’s readings challenge us to stay alert to the way in which money can both enslave us and exploit others. But God’s generosity and justice extend to all, and our task is to keep him at the centre of our lives.

In the First Reading, Amos challenges those who victimise the needy through fraudulent business practices, and try to buy up the poor as slaves. God will not forget their injustices.

The Psalm calls us to praise the Lord who is glorious in heaven, yet bends down to the lowly and raises them up alongside princes.

The Second Reading emphasises that God wants all to be saved, for Jesus was sacrificed as a ransom for every one of us. So we are to pray for all, and not least for those with authority over others.

In the Gospel extract, Jesus warns us to be astute in our dealings with money. Worldly riches have the potential to enslave us, denying us freedom to love and serve God. Faithfulness in the small things helps us become more dependable in more important matters, including the ‘genuine riches’ in our lives.

This week I might ask God to help me be fully alert to those worldly things, including money, that may have a hold on me. I pray for the freedom to become more open to the real riches in my life, and better able to love and serve the Lord through that.