20th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C, 14th August 2016

England and Wales celebrate Sunday 14th August as the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Let us not lose sight of Jesus!

This Sunday’s readings call us to put our whole trust in God.  Even when the going gets tough and division disheartens us, we can find inspiration and energy by keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus.

In the First Reading, Jeremiah has been left to die in a pit, condemned for prophesying that the people of Jerusalem must surrender and put their trust in God.

The Psalm urges us to trust in God who stoops down to hear us when we cry out to him, just as he rescued Jeremiah from the pit.

The Second Reading stirs us to keep on running the race of faith, cheered on by the crowd of witnesses who have gone before us. Above all, we must keep our gaze fixed firmly on Jesus.  By enduring the cross and gaining the joy that lies beyond, he has already gone ahead to win the race.

Jesus’s urgent words in the Gospel warn us that he does not come to bring a cosy domestic peace.  The demanding aspects of his mission will divide people as they realize what he is asking.  But the blazing fire that Jesus also brings reminds us of the Holy Sprit, purifying us and energizing us into action.

This week I might ask the Lord to help me blaze out more brightly with his love, keeping Jesus always within my sight as I run the race with him.