14th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C, 3rd July 2016

The Kingdom of God is very near you!

This Sunday’s Gospel reminds us that the Kingdom of God is close to us right now, in the present moment.  The Lord calls us to be its   messengers, sharing its central values of peace and mercy.

Isaiah’s vision in the First Reading speaks of the Lord pouring out abundant peace and comfort on his people.

The Psalmist, in celebrating God’s glorious deeds and unfailing love, calls the whole world to cry out with joy.

In the Second Reading, Paul tells the Gentiles that his only boast in life can be the cross of Jesus.  He prays for peace and mercy for all who try to follow what really matters — becoming an entirely new person in Christ.

In the Gospel, Jesus sends a group of 72 disciples ahead of him to prepare for his own visit.  Travelling in pairs, they are to ask for peace to rest on each house they visit, enjoy the hospitality of those who welcome them, and proclaim to all they meet the Good News that God’s Kingdom is very near.

This week, I might pray for greater trust that the Kingdom of God really is close at hand, as I ask the Lord to help me labour with him as a messenger of peace and mercy in my own daily life.