9th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C, 29th May 2016

England and Wales celebrate 29th May as the Feast of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi).

The Good News is that God loves every one of us!

This week’s readings remind us that God’s mercy knows no boundaries: his healing love extends to all of us.  No-one is beyond God’s reach, regardless of ethnic origin or religious affiliation.

In the First Reading Solomon asks the Lord to hear not only the Israelites, but also any foreigner who comes to the Temple to pray.  In this way all may come to know the God of Israel.

The short Psalm urges all the nations to exult in God’s faithfulness and love.

In the Second Reading Paul reprimands anyone who suggests there is more than one version of the Good News depending on who we are.  If we are to be servants of Christ, it is God’s approval, not human approval, that matters.

The familiar Gospel story shows the Lord’s mercy in action, as a Roman centurion pleads indirectly to Jesus for his dying servant.  Jesus marvels at the deep faith of this powerful outsider, who does not feels worthy to approach him face to face.

This week I might ask the Lord to help me respond to his boundless love by opening my own heart more generously to anyone labelled an ‘outsider’ in our world.