1st Sunday of Lent, Year C, 14th February 2016

Jesus was led by the Spirit through the wilderness

As we begin this season of Lent, I might want to organise my favourite place of prayer with a few reminders of the season: a crucifix, a candle, perhaps a little sand or soil to remind me of the wilderness and also some twigs to help me remember that I need to brush away everything in my life which prevents me from being even closer to the Lord.

Like Jesus, I may be tempted to choose to rely on myself, rather than to rely on God, and to seek power above all else. But like Jesus, too, I will be able to overcome these temptations if I am open to the Spirit and place my trust in God. (Gospel)

Moreover, if I believe in my heart and tell others that Jesus is Lord who was raised from the dead by God, then I will be saved. (Second Reading)

The Lord always hears my cry of distress, and will lead me to a land of peace just as he did for the Jews when they were enslaved in Egypt. (First Reading)

No harm shall befall me if I trust and follow the Lord. He will rescue and protect me. (Psalm)

This week then, I may want to pray for greater trust in the one who listens to my pleas and loves me unconditionally.