The Feast of All Saints, 1st November 2015

Happy are the pure in heart: they shall see God

The Feast of All Saints that we celebrate this week encompasses both the past and our future. We thank God for those in previous generations who gave us outstanding examples of living the Christian life on earth; who embodied the values and ways of being that Jesus describes in the Gospel, a text often called The Beatitudes.

We also celebrate all who are on the Christian journey: the saints, the ones called to be holy. John’s vision of the end of the ages showed him a huge number of these people, impossible to count, from every nation, race, tribe and language: the followers of Jesus coming together to praise God. (First Reading).

The first letter of John assures us that we are already part of that gathering – the children of God – so we should try to imitate Christ our Lord. What we will be in the future has not yet been revealed, but we will know our likeness to God when finally we see Him as He really is (Second Reading).

The Psalm tells us what this likeness means: those who seek the face of God will have clean hands and purity of heart; they will “desire not worthless things”; they will be blessed by the Lord.

This week, I pray to live even more fully in imitation of Jesus my Lord, in communion with the Saints who have gone before me.