13th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B, 28th June 2015

“Do not be afraid; only have faith.”

This week’s readings invite us to faith in the God who is life-giving. Through Christ Jesus, we are able to share in the eternal life of God and the fullness of life here on earth.

The First Reading reminds us that, in the face of evil and of death, God has made us in his own image and continues to create and sustain us. I ponder the amazing truth that God has created me to be like him.

The Psalm praises and gives thanks to our God who has rescued us, listened to us and come to our help. I may like to pray this psalm, recalling the ways in which God has “changed my mourning into dancing”.

The Gospel in its full form shows us two ways of expressing faith: a very public request from Jairus that Jesus come to heal his young Jesus daughter and a quiet coming close to Jesus by the woman with a haemorrhage. Jesus says to them both, “Do not to be afraid.” I reflect on the ways in which I am able to express my faith in God, and ask for a deeper trust.

The Second Reading shows one way in which I can express my faith practically: by sharing what I have with others. This week, I ask for an awareness of my gifts and the “riches” I have to share.

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