Second Sunday of Easter, Year B, 12th April 2015

My Lord and my God

I come to my place of prayer, perhaps lighting a candle or contemplating a spring flower—sign of new life. Slowly I prepare myself to become conscious of the presence of my risen Lord.

The readings of this Sunday, known also as Divine Mercy Sunday, are rich with the hope and joy of the resurrection.

In the First Reading from the Acts of the Apostles, we are swept along by the unity and enthusiasm of the young Church as it testifies to the risen Christ.

St. John, in the Second Reading, returns to his theme of God’s love and generosity, and the importance of our faith in Jesus Christ, our victorious Saviour.

Psalm 117 joyfully unites the themes of the two readings.

The Gospel gives us two accounts of the appearance of the resurrected Christ to his disciples, with and without Thomas. This Gospel strengthens our belief in the resurrection, deepens our understanding of the passion of Christ and the role of the Spirit. It emphasises the ever present mercy of God.

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