First Sunday of Lent, Year B, 22nd February 2015

Your ways, Lord, are faithfulness and love

On Wednesday, many of us remember the beginning of Lent by the marking of our foreheads with ash. The readings for this first Sunday of Lent invite us to a deeper remembering of the faithfulness and love of God for each one of us.

The First Reading recalls God’s covenant with Noah after the flood, promising everlasting faithfulness to all people for all generations. St. Paul (Second Reading) reminds us that, while Noah was able to save only a small group of people, in Christ we are all able to be saved through the life-giving power of his death and resurrection.

The Gospel tells how Jesus began his ministry, proclaiming the Good News from God. The kingdom is near to us, but we must turn away from our own patterns of thinking, speaking and acting so as to be able to hear and believe in all that Jesus wants to gift us.

The Psalm becomes a prayer that we can make our own, asking to know and to be guided in the ways of the Lord. Remembering the love of God, we begin to see our own forgetfulness of his goodness that leads to the choice of sinful ways and patterns of behaviour instead of his holiness. We pray this Lent that we may respond ever more fully to God, who is the source of our life and all its gifts.

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